Cartilage Tissue Engineering Calculator

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This program is for evaluation of nutrient limitation in engineered cartilage and other types of non-vascular tissues.  Based on reaction-mass transfer models, the lowest concentrations of nutrients in different culture conditions (see below) can be calculated.

Nutrient supply and waste removal are very important for avascular tissues such as cartilage.  If the supply of nutrients is not sufficient the cells may simply die.   We have done the tedious metabolic measurements and mass transfer modelling work and put a simplified guidance for the design of cartilage tissue engineering here.  Users can conduct web-based 'experiments' to assess their design and operation in tissue culture.

For a construct of a certain thickness, the maximum cell density that can remain viable is limited, and vise versa.  And the relationship between thickness and cell density also depend on culture conditions.  Here we have divided culture conditions into static, perfusion and suspended cultures.  When thickness of the construct or cell density is know, the other parameter can be calculated.  Click different culture conditions to calculate.  If you are using Internet Explorer, you need to allow it to run script or ActiveX controls for the webpage to function properly. 

(a) Static culture
(b) Perfusion culture
(c) Suspended culture


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